Ensure detailed records with NJC Surveys’ quality as-built drawings. From construction to civil engineering, our GeoMax and Leica equipment delivers precise data for future planning and safety assurance.









As Built


3D Ground Modelling &

Volumetric Calculations

NJC Surveys, founded as a Land Survey Company in 2006, offers a comprehensive range of land surveying services.


NJC Surveys delivers topography surveys across the UK, swiftly providing accurate data for detailed designs. Trust our skilled surveyors for reliable, fast results.

Measured Building

Achieve precise measured building models with NJC Surveys. Using advanced tech, we deliver high-quality, detailed surveys tailored to your specifications and project needs.

Utility Mapping

Discover underground utilities with NJC Surveys' utility mapping. We deliver accurate, up-to-date data following the latest PAS specifications for seamless project planning.

Setting Out, Engineering & Dimensional Control

Ensure precise project start points with NJC Surveys' expert setting out and dimensional control. Trusted in prestigious developments from single builds to commercial complexes.

Monitoring Solutions

Ensure precision in construction monitoring with NJC Surveys. Our advanced techniques and automated solutions deliver instant, reliable results for optimal project management.

Volumetric Surveys, Surface Comparison & 3D Models

Accurately estimate material volumes with our volumetric analysis and surface comparisons. NJC Surveys helps optimize site resources and streamline project development.

Mobile Mapping

Utilise mobile mapping for survey-grade data collection from moving vehicles, reducing traffic management needs and safety risks. Save costs and time with NJC Surveys.

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Shaping Visions.

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